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Advanced Ceramics Material Technologies Research & Development Company

Ceramatec's advanced ceramics material technology research and development focus is primarily in energy & environment (cleantech) areas.

Ceramatec sustains its competitive advantage by:

  • Maintaining an extensive patent portfolio both domestically and internationally
  • Fostering an open innovation culture with people as its greatest assets
  • Having over two dozen active R&D collaborations and/or partnerships with industry, universities, national labs, and the Government

We take pride in taking high-risk ideas and converting them into high-payoff, market-ready solutions.

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Ceramatec is a CoorsTek Company.


September 16, 2015
DOE SunShot Initiative Award Announcement
Ceramatec Inc., to receive $2.3 million from DOE SunShot Initiative
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Our spirit of innovation has its roots grounded in our core competencies, which are:

  1. Ionic conducting ceramics & Electrochemistry
  2. Fuel reformation & syntheses
  3. Ceramic coatings
  4. Multi-functional ceramic structures

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Our expertise lies in taking new ideas from concept development to pilot line processing and manufacturing.

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Our future lies in having a strong patent portfolio that spans several major industries and markets.

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